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Wet Pussy Girls is a fan site devoted to the thrill of seeing fresh wet pussy girls for the first time in free videos and picture sets. These are the new girls, making porn films for the first time or available only in rare collectors downloads perfect your own permanent archives. The prettiest wet vagina, puffy labia and hard clits begging to be fingered or sucked in by your eyes!

Alicia Drips Spit On Her Wet Cunt

Alicia Drips Spit On Her Wet Cunt

As you know we strive to bring you the hottest wet pussy on the Internet and we recognize that pussy gets lubed in many different ways. Most of our models masturbate their clits and fuck their holes slowly and deliberately to build up their all natural cunt lube for you. But Alicia likes to take a different route. She is a naughty slut that likes to get fucked with spit. When she doesn’t have a partner to spit in her hole, Alicia takes matters into her own hands or shall we say mouth and likes to drip saliva down to her clit so that she can masturbate with it. Here you can see an excellent shot of Alicia dripping her spit down to the top of her cunt as she prepares to get herself off. A little lube is already seen forming on her hole as she anticipates the fuck she is about to lay down on herself.

Dionne Darling Puffy And Wet

Dionne Darling Puffy And Wet

Dionne Darling likes to lay on her back while she masturbates because it allows her pussy to leak fluid which pools perfectly between her wet labia. When she is standing or on her belly she loses too much twat juice, but leaning back with her head on a pillow to keep her body properly angled she is capable of producing so much vaginal saliva that she never needs artificial lubes.

Alex Using Her Sex Toys

Alex  Using Her Sex Toys

Twenty one year old Alex was born in Romania with a neat looking pussy but after many penetrations with various large sex toys over the past couple years she's managed to turn her virgin vagina into a wet XXX-lipped, juicy cherry snatch that has quite a large amount of flabby meat hanging out of it. Check out her solo masturbation movie that's in HD and see for yourself as this tall, stocking wearing hottie, slams her juicy twat with her favorite dildo while you get to watch her big size D tits bouncing.
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